Tiara Care

My tiaras are designed for adults. They are built to last; however, they need to be handled with care.

  • Avoid bobby pin through the crystals and/or beads on the base.
  • Do not use hairspray or other styling products with a tiara already secured on the head.
  • Please avoid placing rhinestone cupchain based tiaras on fabric, especially tutu netting. The prongs securing the rhinestone to the setting could get snagged in the fabric!
  • Though each are built with some pliability, do not over-shape or bend tiaras–especially those using rhinestone cup chains. If you over shape rhinestone cup chains, you will warp the cup chain securing the rhinestones, and the rhinestones will fall out. Also, reshaping your tiara can warp the tiara and damage or break the design–such as ruining center points and symmetry or breaking wires.
  • Try not to drop your tiaras. Most of my designs incorporate rhinestones, which are made of glass. You could chip the stones.
  • Do not leave your tiaras in the car. Keep them at room temperature and avoid exposing them to extreme high and low temperatures.
  • Do not pick at your tiara. Picking at the stones and beads on your tiara can damage it.
  • Do not immerse your tiaras in water to clean! Clean the outside of stones with a mild cleaner and Q-tips using as little of the cleaning solution as possible. Do not use any chemicals on the foil backing; you can damage the rhinestone foiling.

If handled properly–not using hairspray while wearing a tiara and making sure your hands are free of makeup before putting your tiara on–you shouldn’t need to clean your tiara for many, many years.

Please be aware that many crystal glass rhinestones contain lead. Do not put rhinestones in your mouth or ingest them!