Raymonda Act 3 Headpiece
DP# 201711

Sold: The custom designed ballet headpiece was created for Raymonda Act 3. It features diamante rhinestone chain; Swarovski rhinestone chain, beads, rhinestones, and pearls. This headpiece would work well for the roles in La Bayadere as well. It is based off this original piece. If you are interested in a remake of this piece, please be aware that the exact materials used to create this piece may not be available. Substitution of materials can be discussed to match what is currently available on the market.

Great performance is born out of talent and hard work, but any dancer knows there’s magic in the little things. And those details can make all the difference.

There’s more to a tiara’s performance than just sparkle and shine. Each Dragon Gate Design headpiece is hand-crafted according to precise standards using only high-quality materials, ensuring durability, comfort, and ease of use. Available in a wide range of dazzling ready-made and fully customizable designs, Dragon Gate headpieces are built to perform and will stay on point, whether on or off the stage.