Moulin Rouge Inspired Tiara
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Personal Collection: Tiara inspired by Satine’s Hindi Sad Diamonds tiara from the movie Moulin Rouge. First photograph: Model, Tristin Vitriol; photographer: Chris Donald. All other photographs by DanceWoot/SciFiAnimeHeroes at DragonCon 2013

I receive a lot of inquiries about making a custom version of this piece. It is very likely I will not be able to purchase the same components for this tiara as I bought the items in 2011. These components do not come in a wide range of colors. If I do get them, they may have a finish (silver instead of gold) you do not like and will require hand painting–this adds quite a bit of time to its construction. This is a VERY heavy piece weighing in at about 1 pound. This piece is entirely too large and heavy for dance–such as ballet! The estimated cost for a piece similar to this is $500.00.

Exact Remake not available